About Us

Hi! We’re Lindsay and Joel and we opened Toyville in October 2016.
Our independent toy shop in Bedminster is a true family business.
We own and run the shop with help from our son Xander.

As parents to a young child we found it difficult to find different and interesting toys near our south Bristol home. We saw an opportunity to start a new business so we took the bull by the horns and launched Toyville.

We want our shop to be a welcoming space where children (and adults!) can come have a play without having to worry about breaking things or telling the children not to touch.

"They are simply fantastic. Very friendly and knowledgeable on toys and games for all ages."

Who we are

Joel is a man who never really grew up. He's the guy that you're likely to find in the play area of a toy shop, attempting to build an overly intricate wooden railway, but never managing to find the right sized piece that will finish it off.

Favourite Toy

Hubelino Marble Run

Lindsay is the brains behind the business. No shirker to hard work she will put in shift after shift to research the latest toys or improve the customer experience.

Favourite Toy

Djeco craft

Our son Xander serves as a non-executive director and brings with him years of experience in toy testing. His advice is an invaluable asset which helps us to select toys that can provide the most stimulation and long-term enjoyment, we well as those that stand a chance of surviving the foulest of temper tantrums.

Favourite Toy

BRIO wooden railway

What we sell

We only sell toys that we would buy ourselves.

As buyers, play value is of utmost importance to us, so you can rest assured that these toys will be played with again and again. And that, being the case, they also need to be built to last.

The toys must appeal to the child, not just the buying adult. That's not to say that parents and grandparents won't enjoy them; it's just to say the child definitely will. You will find traditional toys that have stood the test of time, and new toys that are set to be future classics.

Ethical Standards

All the toys we sell are made by manufacturers who have due regard for the environment and comply with the ICTI CARE process on ethical manufacturing. Many of the brands we stock go above and beyond these requirements, and you can check out these brands in our blog post.

We endeavour to re-use all of the packaging that comes into our business. Smaller boxes are used to package our customers' orders. Larger boxes can be used for house moves or as a great mulch for gardens and allotments. Local customers please get in touch if you would like some free boxes.