Codenames Duet: Review

Blog post by John Barker. While we definitely agree with his opinion on Codenames Duet, all references to being promoted are pure works of fiction.

Whether you are looking for something social to do with friends now lockdown has eased, or a fun activity to keep you sane while you remain in relative isolation with your family, now is a perfect time to get into board games. Far from the dull experiences you might be familiar with of rolling a dice that randomly determines the victor as you aimlessly potter around a board, there are in fact thousands of great titles out there that promote strategy, cooperation, or just pure but enjoyable chaos!

Here at Toyville we stock a selection of titles that we ourselves have become fans of, as well as new highly promising releases.

Over the coming weeks, our bestest most amazing and soon to be promoted employee John, will post a selection of our favourite titles as recommendations for all manner of game playing desires and requirements!

First up this week we have Codenames Duet by Vlaada Chvatil and Scott Eaton.
Codenames is a fantastic word game in which it is your job to cleverly communicate a selection of words on the table to your teammate(s) with just one word of your own devising. Take care though, if your clue is too vague or ambitious, you may find that an incorrect selection is made, resulting in at best a sudden end to your turn, or at worst instant game loss.
Duet varies from regular Codenames (which we also stock, alongside Codenames Pictures) in that it is played co-operatively, and with as few as 2 players, though larger teams work just as well.
Looking for something relatively quick but stimulating of mind and with endless replayability you can enjoy with your partner? Then come down and pick up a copy of Codenames Duet, normally retailing at £16.99, now at a special price of £14.99 until Friday 28th August.

Codenames Duet being played at North Street Games Night. Check out the Facebook Group for more information!












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