Dive Into Deep Sea Adventure

Deep Sea Adventure Toyville BristolHi again folks, John here once more with another game recommendation, one that should again suit both enthusiasts and those new to games alike! This week we are daring the depths of Oink Games’s Deep Sea Adventure by Jun and Goro Sasaki.

Deep Sea Adventure is again a game that can be played with a relatively short amount of time to spare, but unlike the previous two games I have so far blogged about, this one is competitive, and seats between 2 and 6 would-be treasure hunters. In the game you play the role of a diver attempting to recover treasure from the ocean depths. The caveat to this is not simply that you are competing with your fellow divers to do so, but sharing an oxygen supply with them as well……
Because of this, Deep Sea Adventure operates as something of a push your luck game, but where your luck is directly impacted by the decisions of the other players. The game is played by rolling dice to swim down on each turn, with the option to instead turn back and head up to the submarine. As you land on each treasure tile you have the option of picking it up, but doing so will slow down your movement and increase the rate at which you use up oxygen. If you make it back, you score any treasures as points, and if you do not then you drown, any treasures you did have sinking to the bottom of the track.
The game is played over 3 rounds, so if you don’t make it back or don’t score much to begin with, all is not lost, especially as the route to the most valuable treasure at the bottom grows shorter. All in all, the whole game should play out in about 30 minutes, though of course if it’s your first time then it’s likely to extend to about 45.

Oink games consistently seem to put out highly enjoyable small box games, and Deep Sea Adventure is no exception. At my local games club we regularly use Deep Sea Adventure as an introductory game for new members, not just because it’s some great quick fun, but also because it’s very easy to pick up the rules on without seeming too simplistic. If you’re looking for something pocket size you can enjoy with almost any group of people, then why not pop down to Toyville, where you can pick yourself up a copy of Deep Sea Adventure currently on special offer at £13.49 for the next week (normally £14.99).

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