10 gift ideas under £10

We’ve put together a list of our 10 favourite presents under £10


oi droids oidroids make build card board robots toyville bristol

These brilliant little cardboard robots are very easy to fold and assemble with no scissors or glue required. Cute and collectable, each pack contains a random assortment of 15 robots so you never know which ones you’re going to get! Best for ages 4+

OiDroids – £4.99









Plui Rain Cloud

Child with Plui rain cloud


Plui Rain Cloud is a unique design-led bath toy. Cover the top hole with your finger and the water stays in; move your finger to release the rain! Children can use this toy on their own from about age 3 and up, but even babies will be fascinated by its mesmerising streams of water.

Plui – £8.99






Rhino Hero

Haba Rhino Hero Game



Rhino Hero presents players with an incredibly heroic rhino who wants to climb the tallest tower. Players take turns choosing cards which they use to build the walls and floors of the building. Don’t be the one to make the tower collapse! Suitable for 2 to 5 players and recommended for ages 5 to 99, this really is a game for all the family!

Rhino Hero – £6.99






Brio Push Along Crab

brio push along crab

It’s not often you come across a push along crab! This brightly coloured little crab wiggles its claws in the cutest way when you push him from side to side. Would make an ideal present for a one year old.

Brio Crab – £9.99







Djeco Wooden Xylophone

Djeco DJ06001 Animambo Wooden Xylophone Fish


Another great present for younger children. Make beautiful music with this cheerful fish xylophone with four wooden keys.

Djeco Animambo Wooden Xylophone – £9.99






Djeco Card Games

Djeco DJ05128 Mini Nature Card Game

Djeco card games make wonderful little presents. One of our favourites is Mini Nature – a simplified game of happy families with the most beautiful animal illustrations. This particular game is recommended for ages 4 to 7 but I think can be enjoyed by children and adults much older than that. Djeco also make lots of games for older children and adults like Hiboufou – another favourite of ours.

Mini Nature – £6.99








Djeco Kites

djeco DJ02152 panda kite

Kites make the perfect present for outdoor-loving children. We love the colours and pattern on this Djeco Panda Kite. Great for children aged 5 and up, but can easily be enjoyed by a younger child, with help from an adult. If space is limited, or if the gift needs to be posted, try a pocket kite instead.

Djeco Panda Kite – £6.49









Pop to Play Pirate Ship
Djeco Pirate Ship Pop to Play

This sturdy cardboard pirate ship comes conveniently packaged in a flat box. It makes an impressive-looking present at a great, affordable price. Use with your favourite pirate figures (the Djeco Arty toys pirates are amazing, if you haven’t already seen them!). Best for ages 4 and up.

Djeco Pirate Ship – £9.99







engino inventor cars 4-in-1 F1


For the builders out there, there’s Engino! These excellent quality construction toys are made in Cyprus and are the brainchild of a primary school teacher & engineer. Each set comes with clear instructions on how to make a number of different models, or create your own. The Cars Inventor Set comes with plans for four types of vehicle. Recommended for ages 6-14.

Engino Inventor Cars Set – £8.99

For younger children, Engino have brought out a new line called Qboidz, which are suitable for ages 3-6. Currently receiving rave reviews from our construction-mad four year old.




Djeco Paper Dolls – Massive Fashion

Djeco DJ09691 Paper Dolls Massive Fashion inside

Have fun dressing these dolls in a multitude of different outfits. Great illustrations as always, from Djeco. The paper dolls and stickers are presented in a sturdy cardboard folder for easy storage and transport. Recommended for ages 6-11

 Djeco Paper Dolls – £5.99




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