Lucy’s Christmas Choices

Blog post by Lucy Rees

lucy's christmas choices


1. Djeco InZeBox Magnetic Sets
2. Hape Monster Math Scale
3. Djeco Magic Colour Changing Umbrella
4. Djeco Magic Colouring
5. Jellycat Harry Panda
6. Jellycat Olive Dragon
7. HABA Dragon’s Breath Game
8. Papo Spinosaurus
9. Djeco Glow in the Dark Scratch Art
10. Djeco Unicorn Tattoos
11. Ty Blitz Unicorn
12. Djeco Observation Puzzles
13. Djeco Melody Gouache Painting
14. Djeco Alphabet Beads

Christmas shopping has started early for me this year. I just want to make sure I can get what I need and get it to family in time for the big day despite the current uncertainty. I’m a big kid in a sweet shop working at Toyville so I love the opportunity to buy my gifts here, many of which i have been planning in my head through the year.

First up, my nearly 3 year old loves anything magnetic so the Djeco Magnetic face series are perfect. I can imagine him making us all crack up with the crazy faces he will make!
The Hape Monster Math scale will go down a treat and will help him learn about balancing numbers at the same time. I can see my 5 year old also getting a lot of play from it too.

Why are kids obsessed with umbrellas?! Mine are anyway. I showed them the Gene Kelly Singing in the Rain number on YouTube and they now like to spin their umbrellas upside down in puddles. Thanks Gene! I love these new magic umbrellas which change colour when they get wet.

I like to make sure that I mix up the type of presents my kids receive so it feels right to get them something that encourages them to write and draw. These magic colouring books are wonderful and mess free – big thumbs up from me!

Since the first lockdown in March I’ve found that my kid’s cuddly toys have become even more important to them. We all need comfort and something soft to squeeze at the moment don’t we?! Jellycat toys are really popular with customers and staff alike. This panda is so unbelievably soft I know it will become a regular ‘bedtime buddy’ as we call them in our house. The green dragon will be for my eldest as he is currently obsessed with How to Train Your Dragon books (Baggy Bum Beer Belly being his favourite character!!). I’m sticking with the dragon theme and getting him the wonderful game Dragon’s Breath by Haba. It’s a best seller and won Children’s game of the year in 2018. Suitable for ages 5 and above it involves crystals, ice and dragons, what’s not to love!

Papo’s range of dinosaurs and other animals are so realistic and wonderfully made. My eldest’s favourite dragon is a Spinosaurus and I know he will love the Papo version, I’m going to get my youngest a Triceratops and baby so that they can play together.

My niece is 4 and I love buying her presents. She’s really crafty and into anything sparkly which is a great antidote to monsters, pirates and dinosaurs when I’m shopping. I’ve already planned her presents for the next few years in my head! She will love the Glow in the Dark scratch art kit and her obsession with unicorns can be encouraged with our best-selling unicorn tattoos and Ty Unicorn.

We already own a few of the observation jigsaws and they are great fun, they include a poster to help complete the jigsaw. having the poster as a guide has really encouraged my boys to do harder jigsaws. I think this enchanted forest one would be perfect for my niece.

She’s a little young at the moment but I love the Djeco gouache painting sets (suitable for age 8 plus) so much I know I’ll be getting a set for her in the future. I’ve also got my eye on the alphabet bracelet set with gorgeous little beads and pretty elastics; the kit could make loads of cute little bracelets for her and her friends.

My brother and his children live up in Scotland so if lockdown continues I’ll be using Toyville’s delivery service to send their gifts to them (look out for another blog post on board games for the adults!) but I look forward to getting back to giving gifts in person and maybe even being able to play with some of her toys myself!

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