How we choose our brands

The aim of our brand selection is to provide a wide variety of well-designed toys that can be played with again and again. Besides the familiar brands, such as Melissa & Doug, we will be stocking some new or less well-known brands that we are really excited about (Bajo and Tegu to name but two of them). Over the next few posts we will introduce our brands. For now, let’s look at why we chose them…

First up, it’s the wow factor. Early in 2016 we visited some toy fairs where we were able to try out many of the toys that we stock. We were so captivated by some of the new toys (new to us anyway) that we knew immediately that we had to get them. These toys had something different, be it the way the toy feels in your hand, the immensely satisfying click as the pieces join together, or the socially responsible ethos of the manufacturer.

Then it’s the play factor. Research shows that children with a wide variety of toys available will play for longer. And variety also means more stimulation for the child’s development. We think that our range encompasses all the variety you will need to keep your child entertained for hours on end. Our range will be expanding all the time so keep coming back to check what’s new.


Choose well-designed toys with open-ended playability and the joy will keep coming and coming.

Joel with the Teletubbies at the 2016 London Toy Fair

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