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Lottie Rainforest Guardian


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The Amazon rainforest is home to many endangered plants and animals, and their habitats are in danger of disappearing. Lottie Doll is working with her friends at the Rainforest Trust to teach kids all about climate change and the endangered plants and animals of the Amazon.

Lottie is ready to explore the rainforest in a green romper dress and brown boots and carries a handy magnifying glass and binoculars. This set also includes ten collectable cards with fun animal facts!

Rainforest Guardian – Lottie Doll

x1 Lottie Doll

Lottie Doll clothes & accessories including – Green hat, green belted romper dress, brown boots, white ankle socks, green magnifying glass and orange binoculars

x10 collectable cards (10 most endangered animals from the Amazon)

Recommended age 3+


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