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UGEARS Chronograph


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If you are fascinated with regular watches and stopwatches, then this construction kit is perfect for you as it enables you to build one of the most popular timekeeping devices of today: the chronograph. Looks beautiful and unique; makes a fine accessory for your workstation or desk at home. You can even display it in the living room, as it can be used to impart a decorative touch too as a vintage element. The mechanical device can be set for any time ranging from 1 to 20 minutes. It is really easy to operate due to the wind up alarm system that sets off the alarm after the time runs out. The chronograph timer has a highly efficient roller pendulum and amplitude adjustment system on the back wall. The timer can be powered using plain office rubber bands; this is a common feature in most models under the UGEARS label. Model Size : 18 x 9 x 26 cm Package size: 37 x 17 x 3cm Number of parts: 107 Suitable for ages 14 and up


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