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If your favorite pastime is tinkering with construction kits and coming up with a neat creation, rest assured the Safe will more than satisfy your artistic urge. This is a 3D puzzle safe that has a real combination lock on the front – it is an authentic replica of its real world counterpart. Made using premium grade plywood, this is an extraordinary model of a safe that can be used to store your valuables. Still not convinced? Once you assemble the pieces, it becomes a real safe that opens with a traditional 3 figure coded lock. The unique combination is included in the kit. While closing the safe, you just have to shut the door and turn the handle in an anticlockwise direction. Model size in finished form: 7.7*7.3*6.9 in (196 * 185 * 176 mm) Inside space of the safe : The W*H*D 6.1*5.5*4.1 in (155 * 140 * 105 mm) Package size: 14.6*5.5*1.6 in (37*14*4cm) Number of parts: 179 Assemble without glue. Pieces are already cut and ready to put together. Please note this item is not a toy and is suitable for ages 14+


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