Guest Blog: Sam’s Picks

We asked one of our brilliant team members, Sam, to write a guest blog about her favourite toys at Toyville. Sam has a little boy, Sonny, aged 1. Here’s what she had to say:

Galt pop-up toy

galt pop up toy toyville bristol
This Galt pop-up toy was kindly given to me by a friend for Sonny’s first birthday in July. It’s a massive hit… He firstly started with the usual mandotory lobbing of the four little people pegs across the room and crawling to get them. Then progressed from bashing them so they sprung away like their lives depended on it (which they kinda did) onto stragetically pressing them with his little fore finger for them to spring out in a ballerina high-jump fashion. Sonny loves to carefully sit there now, fitting the peg people in to there little perches which has been a great foundation for other more complicated shapesorters. It’s been amazing to watch his eye/hand co-ordination improve and it will be fun to watch him co-ordinate the colours in time to come.
I personally love the simplicity of the bright faces and colours and obviously the fact it’s wooden. It’s light and with not too many bits is portable for taking out and about to friend’s/family house… where everyone else takes such joy in engaging with it too ie. Sonny’s Nana loves the challenge of launching them as high as possible whilst yelling ‘Geronimo’ (thanks Mum).
Galt Pop Up Toy – ages 12-18 months – £8.99

Moulin Roty Storybook Torch

moulin roty storybook torch toyville bristol
Confession: I bought this as a Christmas present in July. However Christmas came early when, in September, we had the pleasure of some very (very, very, very) early morning wake-up calls courtesy of my darling Sonny. With my brain still sleeping and my eye’s unable to even take the soft lamp to read some books I pulled this wonderful torch out of the cupboard in hope of some low maintenance entertainment… And what a delight we had <3 There we sat together as the rest (most) of the world slept, snuggled up in our PJ’s on Sonny’s arm chair clicking through all three story discs, me trying to mak up stories for each slide, about the beautifully illustrated characters and Sonny giggling and shouting at the animals. After sharing one of life’s special ‘moment’s that morning, we still continue to have lots of fun with this with Sonny now chattering over the slides and it’s been great practise more so for my imagination and story telling skills!
*no idea where that energy came from

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