Oaxis MyFirst Range – Review

We’ve recently had some really great tech toys in from the MyFirst range by Oaxis. All the products seemed perfect for our five year old, so it seemed fitting that we give him his first paid reviewing job. He was really keen to help, but drove a hard bargain on his fees!!

MyFirst Camera

Xander really, really liked the camera (10 out of 10).

His favourite bit was taking pictures. He likes the size of it (we were worried it was a bit small). He’d be happy if he got it as a present.

Photos taken by Xander (postbox) and me (boy in coat), both using the myFirst camera. I particularly love the angle of all of his photos coming from child height.

My feedback: At first I thought it was a bit small but it turns out the size is perfect. It’s very light and comes with a handy lanyard so you can take it everywhere without worrying about it. The photos are good quality, but are better when taken outside in natural light. The one thing I would change is to add a little lens cap as I’m slightly worried about it getting scratched. Be aware also that the camera needs a Micro SD card and doesn’t come with one. We’ve previously used the last model of the vTech kidizoom camera and I much prefer the size and features of this one.

The camera takes 5MP photos, is rechargeable and costs £45.99.

MyFirst Camera £45.99

MyFirst Sketch Pad

oaxis my first sketch review

Xander’s score: 10 out of 10
Xander likes: Being able to draw ice cream & being able to erase
Xander dislikes: The string to attach the pen to the pad is annoying (this can be removed)

Our view: The MyFirst Sketch uses liquid crystal technology – just press against the pad with the special pen to draw, and erase at the touch of the button. I like the pad because it’s light and thin and easy to transport. It allows you to draw more detailed pictures than a magnetic sketch pad. Only downside is you can’t save the pictures like you could on paper or a tablet, but this would also be true for a magnetic sketch pad.

MyFirst Sketch £26.99

MyFirst Voice

Xander’s score: 10 out of 10
Favourite bit: Being able to say banana
Worst bit: Doesn’t like singing
Would you like it as a present: Yes

The microphone can connect via Bluetooth to play music through the inbuilt speaker. You can then have lots of fun singing over your favourite tunes, with or without echo effect.

MyFirst Voice £36.99


When asked which of the three he would keep if he could, Xander chose the microphone. However, it’s the camera he’s been reluctant to give up and he keeps asking about all the photos he took. I think we might get some of the best ones printed out and framed for him as a Christmas present (and probably the camera too!)




Comparison of size of camera and microphone

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