A guide to age appropriate toys for babies

Choosing toys for babies

With the wide range of products available nowadays it’s not always easy to choose toys for young babies. I have a two year old myself, but I’ve already forgotten what he could do at the various stages in his whirlwind first year! Luckily, the British Toy and Hobby Association have a very informative library on their website, and I was able to use their article “Toys for Babies and Toddlers” to refresh my memory. Whether you’re looking to buy a toy for your own child or as a gift for family or friends, I hope the infographic below is of some use. Do remember that children all develop at different rates and that a toy which didn’t interest them at 6 months may be much more enjoyable in 3 months’ time.

The types of toys given below are just suggestions and there are many great toys you can easily make at home such as shakers made from bottles or cannisters filled with pasta. On the suggestion of a friend, I put together a little treasure basket for Xander when he was 6 months old. It’s wonderful how much fun can be had with such simple things! Any small box or basket will do; just fill it with baby-safe items from your home or garden. Things such as kitchen whisks and pastry brushes, wool pom-poms, pine cones, and pieces of fabric are all easy to find and are great for sensory play.

Age appropriate toys for babies infographic toyville

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