The best travel toys

Going on holiday this summer? Dreading that long flight with small children?

With our much needed holiday soon approaching, my thoughts have turned to travel toys. A long journey with a young child can sure be daunting! It’s difficult to rely on electronic entertainment alone – I don’t think even Paw Patrol could get us through a full flight – so here’s our round up of the best travel toys for children of all ages.

Keeping older kids entertained
brainwright cat stax game

Cat Stax Game. We love the compact size and bright colours of this puzzle which includes a series of increasingly difficult challenges. Can you fit the cats into the grid? Fun and in-fur-iating!!







Travel toys for younger children

djeco DJ02053 forest ball

Djeco Forest Ball. As light as a balloon but stronger! Simply insert a normal-sized balloon into this ball casing and inflate. There’s no need for a pump and it’s extremely light and compact, so easy to pack in the luggage.









gowi retro stacking pyramid 7 pcA set of stacking cups is an-all time classic. With a small pack size, these can be stacked, nested, used in the bath or on the beach. On our first ever holiday with Xander, all we took was a set of stacking cups and a small ball and this was enough to keep him entertained for a week. This brightly coloured Gowi Retro Pyramid is perfect for the job.








mudpuppy puzzle to go animals of the world


These Mudpuppy puzzles to go are perfect for travelling as they’re sized to fit on a plane or train tray table. Yes, you could empty a regular jigsaw into a resealable bag, but that’s a lot of effort when you have a million other pre-holiday tasks to complete!







Melissa Doug water wow animals



Melissa and Doug’s Water Wows are such a brilliant invention! Just fill the “paintbrush” with water and use it to colour in the pages. As the page gets wet, the colours are revealed. Can be used again and again, with no worries about making a mess.






fiesta crafts stickabouts zoo



Fiesta Craft Stickabouts are just made for travelling. Compared with regular stickers, these rubbery reusable stickers are much easier for little hands to manage. They cling  without glue so leave no residue, and can be stuck on plane or car windows, or any other smooth surface, for added entertainment value.





Fun for the whole family

Djeco DJ05128 Mini Nature Card Game Cards


Djeco Mini Nature Card Game. We’ve got a whole new range of Djeco card games in store. Starting at just £6.99 they’re the perfect size for taking on holiday and they come in a really lovely, sturdy cardboard box too (unlike a normal card box). We’ve been playing this particular game a lot recently! It’s a simplified game of Happy Families, recommended for ages 4-7, but to be honest there’s definitely enough here to keep the adults challenged too. Joel and I have been getting very competitive over this and take it far too seriously.





Toyville Travel Toys Rory's Story Cubes

Take turns using the 9 dice to create a story that’s as simple or elaborate as you like. Your imagination is the limit! Rory’s Story Cubes are recommended for ages 6+ but there’s nothing sweeter than a story from the mind of a three year old, trust us 🙂





I hope this list has proved helpful! Why not browse our full range of travel toys here and if you’re off on holiday in the UK or abroad this summer, I hope you have a lovely time and the journey goes smoothly. – Lindsay x


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