Engino Qboidz Construction Kits review

Qboidz is the new connecting block toy from Engino, designed for younger children aged 3-6, and completely compatible with the standard Engino blocks.  We gave Xander, 4, one of the starter 2-in-1 sets (so called because they come with instruction to build two different models, but versatile enough to build loads more).  Xander is always fond of construction toys but quickly became obsessed with Qboidz.

At first he ignored the instructions, instead building spaceships and robots of his own design.

engino qboidz being built
Totally engrossed!

When he decided to build the suggested models, the instructions were extremely easy for him to follow.  The blocks are very easy for little ones to handle and snap together.  The pieces can be fitted together in two ways – connect them on one side and they they lock in place; flip one piece over and you get a connection that can be spun, allowing your models a certain amount of movement.


engino qboidz instructions
Instructions are a great introduction to simple model building

Xander hasn’t yet begun to explore the extra possibilities that this movement allows, so Qboidz is a toy with potential to grow with him.  He’s since added more sets to his collection, building increasingly intricate models, and showing no signs of losing interest.  A larger set is definitely on the cards for Christmas!


engino qboidz built
Completed giraffe model!

Our range of Engino kits including the Qboidz sets can be found here.

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