Our top toys for your summer travels

It’s holiday time again… If you’ve got a long journey ahead here are some great toy recommendations for your trip (and a few more for when you get there!)

Our own holiday is quickly approaching and I’ve been thinking about what we should pack for our trip.  A long journey with a young child can sure be daunting and while older children can be easier to entertain, it’s still handy to have a few backups in the bag. Here’s our round up of the best travel toys for children of all ages as well as some ideas of easily packable toys to take to your destination.

Toy ideas for the littlest travellers:

  1. Scrunch Bucket £7.99 – These brilliant silicone buckets can be easily squashed and folded to fit into the smallest of spaces. They come in the most beautiful assortment of bright, vibrant colours, too.
  2. Quut Cuppi £7.99 – We’ve been raving about this wonderfully designed little toy since we first opened.  Cuppi is made up of a ball and two cones which can be used as scoops or sieves. Use the scoops for digging, or build a ball run out of sand. Use it for water play at the beach, or even in the bath. A true multi-purpose toy.
  3. Djeco Ice Cream Truck Puzzle £8.99 – Puzzles make great toys for travel, and can be stored in bags to cut down on packing space. Djeco design the most beautiful puzzles for all ages
  4. Melissa & Doug Water Wow £5.99 – Painting without the mess! Fill the brush with water and use it to reveal the colourful pictures. The pages dry off and can be used again and again for endless entertainment.
  5. Tegu Pocket Pouch £15.99- My favourite item in the Tegu range. So much fun to be had with just 6 magnetic wooden pieces. A great sensory toy for younger childen, or treat it like a 3D tangram for older kids. Adults can even have fun with this as a fidget or desk toy.
  6. Orchard Toys Build a Beetle Mini Game £4.99 – all of the Mini Games in this range come in the perfect-sized little box which will fit neatly into your carry-on bag. The perfect first games for little ones.
  7. HQ Toys Pocket Kite £4.99 – A fully functioning kite in a teeny tiny pocket-sized package. Take this with you wherever you go and you’ll never find yourself caught out if you feel the urge to fly!
  8. Djeco Magnetic Animal Box £15.99 – A super fun magnetic kit which consists of a double-sided animal shaped tin and plenty pieces to decorate it with. The magnets are stored neatly within the tin making it perfect for travel.


Ideas for older children (a few of these will be fun for the adults, too!)

  1. Djeco Gorilla Card Game £6.99 – Similar to Uno but with really cute animal-themed illustrations. Throw obstacles at your opponents to make them pick up cards, switch the order of play or skip players. The first to get rid of their cards wins. The Djeco Card Holder is also really useful for smaller children who struggle to hold and see their cards. Gorilla is recommended for ages 5-99.
  2. Smart Games IQ Fit Puzzle £9.99- 120 Puzzles over 5 levels. A great little challenge suitable for ages 6 to adult.
  3. Dobble £12.99 – Think Snap! but much, much trickier. A great little party game for ages 5 and up.
  4. Rory’s Story Cubes £9.99 – Skip the bedtime story and take Story Cubes with you instead for endless storytelling fun. Roll the dice and make up a story based on the pictures shown. Make it as simple or elaborate as you like!
  5. Djeco Differences by Remi £4.99 – 30 beautifully illustrated spot the difference cards for ages 6+.
  6. Djeco 60 piece mini puzzle £4.99 – A really sweet little puzzle, recommended for ages 5+. The perfect size to fit on an aeroplane or train tray table.
  7. Quut Ringo  £7.99 – Another totally brilliant toy by Quut – a super-portable game of petanque. The pieces all float, too, so you can even play in the swimming pool!
  8. Djeco Paper Dolls and Stickers £5.99 – A sturdy cardboard folder full of reusable – stickers for lots of dressing-up fun!

For more perfect travel toy ideas click here and enjoy your holiday wherever it takes you!

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